Mandus Ridefelt


Mandus Ridefelt (b. 1993) works across art, science and music as writer, researcher and facilitator.

Mandus has worked with/for/at Diakron (DK), Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK), Index – The Swedish Contemporary Arts Foundation (SE), Passive/Aggressive (DK) and others.

Mandus is a graduate from Dutch Art Institute (Art Praxis) and Uppsala University (Molecular Biology and Theoretical Philosophy).

As of 2022-23, Mandus lives in Copenhagen.

Contact: mandus [dot] ridefelt [at] gmail [dot] com

Selected Works

The Tightest Mesh
June 2022, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen (DK)
Seminar organization and conceptualization with Nellie Lindquist
On intimacy in digital space alongside its weaponization and aesthetic vehicles.
Guests: Bogna Konior, Anna Engelhardt

The Tightest Mesh (Video essay)
June 2022, Kunsthal Charlottenborg (DK)
Video essay together with Nellie Lindquist presenting the conceptual framework of the seminar “The Tightest Mesh”

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Antarctica In Space
May 2022, Primer, Copenhagen (DK)
Choir score (“tell me you are telling me”) and musical consultancy as part of the performance series developed by Emily Jones and Primer.
Performed by Union for Open Vocalism at Aquaporin A/S

Seaport 2022-35
May 2022, for Harun Morrison and Mossutställningar, Stockholm (SE)
Short fiction counter-speculating on the re-development of an old harbor district in Stocholm.
Accessible here

Caliphate Pop (Book)
Feb 2022, Sarnama Press, Stockholm (SE)
Book on the technopolitics, aesthetics and mythology of the Islamic State.
Co-authored by Hasan Özgür Top and Assem Hendawi.

Caliphate Pop (Symposium)
Feb 2022, Index – The Swedish Contemporary Arts Foundation, Stockholm (SE)
Two-day symposium and book launch developed and organized with Hasan Özgür Top and Assem Hendawi
Guests: Anahid Kassabian, Yektan Türkyılmaz and Eylül İşcen


I Cannot But Feel Exactly What They Felt
Oct 2021, Passive/Aggressive, Copenhagen (DK)
Feature essay on the technologization of flamenco and non-linear causality in pop music aesthetic contracts.
Accessible here

Mar 2021, Malmö Art Academy, Malmö (SE)
Video of pianola playing the music from The Sims laced with travelogues from Sweden by Michel Foucault and Azealia Banks


A Prehistory of Hearing You
Feb 2021, Canopy, Malmö (SE)
Performance lecture on future-pasts of remote hearing and pitch-shift technologies.

Feb 2021, Brand, Stockholm (SE)
Interview (in Swedish) on Xenofeminism for anarchist magazine Brand.
Together with Moa Sjöstrand.

Really Really Really Really Nice
June 2020, Radio Kootwijk, Dutch Art Institute (NL)
Performative reading on the flat structure of interpellation of popular music aesthetics.

Pretty Nihilist Pop – Defending Charli XCX Against her Devotees
Oct 2019, Passive/Aggressive, Copenhagen (DK)
Feature essay on pop as a nihilist vector that rejects aesthetic modes based on interior/exterior transfers.
Accessible here

Det Xenofeministiska Manifestet / Superior Corruption
May 2018, Anti and Delfi, Malmö (SE)
Translation of the Xenofeminist Manifesto and Curation of exhibition on the occasion of the launch together with Moa Sjöstrand
Guests: Diann Bauer and Cecilia Åsberg
Accessible here



Pour Yourself With Yourself
Performance Lecture, Silent Green, Berlin (DE)


The Return of the Lab Mouse
March 2018, Delfi, Malmö (SE)
Solo Exhibition